All in One Easter Learning Pack – Learn Chinese Vocabulary

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Learn Chinese vocabulary related to Easter

To learn a language, it’s important that teaching materials comprise of listening, reading, writing components. Thus, I like to create flashcards and vocabulary worksheets in my homeschooling lessons that covers all these criteria.

Flashcards are a quick and versatile teaching tool that can target key vocabulary words quickly. And the vocabulary workbook then consolidate the vocabulary words through different activities. 

Learning can take place within the worksheets and outside of the worksheets, as you chat about the pictures and the Chinese characters. I encourage you to use the learning pack as a springboard to learning key vocabulary within a theme and supplementing the learning with Chinese books, Chinese videos and songs.  

easter learning

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Key Chinese vocabulary your child will learn in this Easter learning pack

Easter Bunny 复活节兔 fù huó jié tù

Easter Egg 复活节彩蛋 fù huó jié cǎi dàn

Basket 篮子 lán zi

Hunt 搜寻 sōu xún

Chick 小鸡 xiǎo jī

Lamb 羊羔 yáng gāo

Chocolate 巧克力 qiǎo kè lì

Tulip 郁金香 yù jīn xiāng

Spring 春天 chūn tiān

Cross 十字架 shí zì jià

Jesus 耶稣 yē sū

Church 教堂 jiào táng

Teaching Materials to teach about Easter

Bilingual Chinese-English Montessori Flashcards

Learn Easter-related Chinese vocabulary with this handy and cute set of flashcards.

Flashcards are conveniently labeled in Chinese, pinyin and English.

Available in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese

Not sure how to use flashcards to teach? This Reading Mama has 20 fun and easy ideas. 

Chinese Writing Worksheets

In this Chinese Easter learning activity pack, you will find 12 pages of

  • Counting worksheets
  • Matching worksheets
  • Drawing worksheets
  • Sequencing worksheets
  • Word Maze worksheets
  • Comprehension sheet
  • And more!!!


Available in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese

Below are some sample pages from the workbook.

easter worksheets
Easter Vocabulary Workbook - Easter Search
easter worksheets
Easter Vocabulary Workbook - Matching
easter worksheets
Easter Vocabulary Workbook - Cut and Paste
easter worksheets
Easter Vocabulary Workbook - Comprehension

Bilingual Chinese-English Poster

Posters are an easy way to expose your children to new vocabulary words. 

I generally have posters of the theme we are learning at home, and as and when we have some spare time, refer to it and learn the words. I find that when something is displayed prominently, you can’t help but notice it, and learn from it!

Because there are pictures that ties in with the key words, children can make a clear and easy connection to the Chinese characters and English word for it. They may even incidentally pick up pinyin too!

easter poster
Easter Mini Learning Poster

Easter Activity Learning Pack

In this pack, you will get

1. 12 beautifully designed bilingual flashcards in English, Chinese and pinyin

2. Fun activity workbook ( 12 pages) of matching, picture maze, cut and paste, “what’s missing?”, “What’s next?”, and word maze

With a BONUS: Free Word Mat showing 12 Easter related labels, in English,  Chinese and pinyin. Perfect as a wall display.

Available in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. 

Happy Easter. 🐣 复活节快乐。

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