Er Bao Learning Log April 2021

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Er Bao is now almost 5 years old. For the past year, I have been homeschooling her and her two siblings in Mandarin by myself. Her daily Chinese lessons consist of

  1. 20 minutes on iHuman Chinese learning app 
  2. minimum 2 Chinese readers 

I set out Chinese writing worksheets for her as independent work. She is very diligent, and conscientious in her Chinese language tasks. 

She can now sing in Chinese, make up stories in Chinese, converse in Chinese with me and her younger sister, and wait for this…. help her older brother with his Chinese work!

Surprisingly, Er Bao, despite being 2 years younger than her brother has surpassed him in his Chinese. She can retain her Chinese words effortlessly. She also shows a keen interest in other languages (we read books with diverse characters) and tries to speak in different languages, even making up her own somedays. 

Er Bao is now reading independently at a Level B on Wawayaya Joy Reader Pro. She has also been reading the Sage Books Basic Chinese 500 series.

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