Chinese Book Review: Baby Bear Book Series 小熊绘本系列

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About the books

Book Title: Little Bear Picture Books 小熊宝宝绘本

Author: Yoko Sasaki 佐佐木洋子

ISBN (Simplified Chinese) : 978-7505608252

This is a book series of 15 seriously cute (kawaii!!) Japanese readers which have been translated into Simplified Chinese. The main animal characters are Little Bear, Little Rabbit, Little Mouse, amongst other adorable animals. 

Each book focuses on one theme, such as tidying up, going on the potty. I’d say it is most suitable for very young children, under the age of 3. 

Honestly, these books are so short, you can read the entire series in one go. Each book is only 20 pages, half of it are the illustrations. As toddlers, all my children loved the books.

Do not confuse this series with a very similar sounding one 小熊宝宝绘本系列好习惯绘本 which has 40 books in one set by a Chinese copycat publisher. The drawings and organisation of themes are very similar. I have read some of the books in this series online through Singapore National Library Board but I found the Japanese original series to be cuter and more engaging. (Plus I am 100% against copying!)

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What I like about the books

chinese book review little bear books
A quick peak into one of the books in the series
chinese book review little bear books
Xiao Bao reading the books

I like that the sentences in each book are simple and repetitive. The illustrations are very sweet and cute, as you can expect from Japanese illustrators. 

My children loved the cute animals and laughing at their funny antics.

Er Bao could read the books by herself out loud when she was 3 years old through pure memory. Because a core sentence is repeated throughout that one book, she found it easy to remember the sentences and context.

What I dislike about the books

I wish the books were in hard cover! Given that the target audience are toddlers, you can expect a lot of wear and tear. I must have taped up one of the books over 10 times! (Goes to show how much my children loved it!)


I highly recommend this as a first read to introduce your babies to Chinese. I guarantee they will enjoy the beautiful illustrations and the simplistic sentences. Just remember to watch those little hands!

Where to purchase

I bought the entire series in the local bookstores (such as Popular bookstore) in Singapore. Luckily you can also purchase them online at Amazon, Taobao or

Happy Reading!

Title/Content of the entire book series











小熊宝宝绘本11——排好队 一个接一个





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