Chinese Educational Podcasts on Spotify you need to listen to now!

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It’s been amazing to have access to Chinese podcasts on Spotify. I don’t know about you but it’s nice that my children can listen to Chinese stories instead of me reading all the time. (Yes I love to read to my children, but I also need a break!)

*Top tip: Make sure that you are searching the exact Chinese words for the podcast. I find that Spotify can be a bit iffy with Chinese search terms. 

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chinese educational podcast

Here are the Chinese educational podcasts we love listening to on Spotify.

What’s your family favourite? 💕

Best Chinese Educational Podcast for Stories

chinese educational podcast


One of the first podcast we listened to.

I especially like the 十万个为什么episodes. Yap, I’m a geek for knowledge! 

chinese educational podcast


This is a comprehensive storytime podcast of the most popular stories globally.

chinese educational podcast


It’s virtually impossible not to have heard of Babybus if you are a Mandarin Homeschooling family. We watch them on Youtube, and have read their books. Did you know that there are many Chinese (and other languages) Babybus podcasts on Spotify. Take your pick! There’s Chinese stories, poems, idioms and Chinese national songs available. 

chinese educational podcast


It’s hard to find a Chinese story podcast with Daddy. And honestly there are only 3 stories on the podcast at the moment. Hopefully, 奥爸, if you are reading this, please record more stories! with his soothing and calm voice.

chinese educational podcast

中文故事屋 Little Mandarin Pod

This podcast (and 貝嘛豆妹音樂會) is created by Bei Bei Mummy. For this particular podcast, the focus is on storytelling, and there are many Aesop fables. 

Best Chinese podcasts for conversation

chinese educational podcast

Let’s chat with LeLe

Learn Chinese as we listen to little LeLe chat with his mum on anything and everything under the sun. It’s a really cute podcast, kind of reminds me of my conversation with my son when he was little.


chinese educational podcast


Created by the same mother and daughter that records 中文故事屋 Little Mandarin Pod. This podcast takes a conversational format as mother and daughter chats about everyday topics. 

Best Chinese educational podcasts for Chinese idioms

chinese educational podcast


Learn about Chinese idioms with Singapore’s radio DJ and her son. Each podcast is a quick scenario of the idiom and a concise explanation. It feels very realistic as the mother and son “acts” out the idiom on the podcast. 

chinese educational podcast


Not only does this podcast has many Chinese stories, there’s also Chinese idioms stories.  

Best Chinese educational podcasts for bilingual learners

chinese educational podcast


As the name implies, this podcast has bilingual stories read by Angela and her son. You do feel like you are sitting in her house listening to them read! It’s a very cosy and familiar feel. 

chinese educational podcast

ABC Storytime

2 American Born Chinese (ABC) moms are the brainchild behind this podcast. They use both Chinese and English to introduce the books they are reading which can help bilingual children to understand better. They tend to read classic stories such as Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes in Chinese. The stories tend to be shorter, so I recommend it for toddlers and early Chinese listeners.

chinese educational podcast

Chinese Star Tales 亮晶晶中文

Fun bilingual stories and songs with Mama Yen and her first grade daughter. The stories tend to be longer and requires 2 episodes to finish, so it’s good for early primary Chinese learners.

Personally, I have a family membership on Spotify for listening to both Chinese and English music and podcasts. And there are so many!! I don’t see the need for more devices of membership. 

That said, for readers who doesn’t use Spotify, Spot of Sunshine has a good post on Chinese podcasts for parents as well. Mama Baby Mandarin has great recommendations for Taiwanese Chinese parents and  other apps you can use. 

Happy Listening!

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