Flashcard memory speed game

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Learning Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary with flashcards - matching speed game

Flashcards are a really versatile learning tool, and for every thematic lesson, I create a set, as there are so many different fun and easy teaching activities. This is one of the easiest activity you can do with your child.

You will need

  • timer (an hourglass type works best for viusually motivated students)  or your iphone
  • 2 sets of identical flashcards


Place 1 set of flashcards on the table, flip the timer, and challenge your student to complete matching all the cards within the time limit. With any luck and skill, they won’t mess the cards up too much!

My son, Da Bao 大宝 gets a kick out of matching things and being fast, so he loves doing this activity. Especially if we pit him against his little sister.

Initially, I only put down 10 pairs to match. By the end, I would have all 20 pairs on the table for him to match. His record is 2.03 minutes.

Sneaking teaching in

  • I label each card as I place it on the table.
  • At the end when all the cards are matched up, we will read out each label together, the Chinese word, the English word and also pointing out the corresponding pinyin.
  • Bonus activity I do is to have them find two objects that are similar, i.e. similar Chinese characters, similar pin yin.

For the vegetable flashcards you see in the picture, I made two versions of them which you can get from the links below.

Traditional Chinese Fruit Flashcards
Simplified Chinese Fruit Flashcards

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