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Frozen craze has hit my household once again, after we discovered that we can watch Frozen in Chinese on Disney+!! (Unfortunately, only Frozen I is available at the time of writing.) Another piece of good news is that we can listen to the Frozen Chinese album and learn to sing-along too on Spotify or Apple Music.

So, instead of “Let it goooooooo….” we are singing “随它吧。。。”

Frozen Chinese

Frozen characters and names

First up, how do you say Frozen in Chinese?

  • 冰雪奇缘 (bīng xuě qí yuán)

Next, what are the characters’ names in Chinese?

  • Elsa 艾莎 (ài shā)
  • Anna 安娜 (ān nà)
  • Olaf 雪宝 (xuě bǎo)
  • Kristoff 克斯托夫 (kè sī tuō fū)
  • Sven 斯特 (sī tè)
  • Hans 汉斯 (hàn sī)
  • The Duke of Weselton 威斯顿公爵 (wēi sī dùn gōng jué)
  • Trolls 地精 (dì jīng)

And the kingdom of Arendelle is 阿伦黛尔王国 (ā lún dài ěr wáng guó).

Listen to the Frozen Chinese album on

Spotify is our top music player, and you can find the Frozen 1 album there.

I have conveniently compiled the two Frozen Chinese albums in one KTV friendly playlist, so sing away to your heart’s content.

If you don’t have Spotify, the album is also available for sale at the Apple Music Store. 

Interested to find out what the best popular Chinese music for children to learn Chinese is?

Sing-along with these Frozen lyrics in Chinese

I find it way easier to sing-along with lyrics onscreen or on hand, a.k.a karaoke style. So I have compiled all the Chinese lyrics for the Frozen I album here.

Click on the image to download the full lyrics on the Frozen Chinese album (Mainland China version).

Frozen Chinese
Download the full lyrics here.

Do note that there are two Chinese versions of “Let it go”.

  • The Mainland China version is “随它吧” 
  • The Taiwanese Chinese version is “放开手”. Download lyrics to this version here.

The Chinese lyrics on both versions are very different!

You can listen to both on the videos below. Which one do you prefer?

Chinese Frozen Books

Frozen Chinese

Frozen 1 and 2 book set

全套2册 冰雪奇缘1+2故事书拼音版儿童

Language: Simplified Chinese

Available at Taobao and JD.com.

Frozen Chinese

Frozen 3D Pop up Book

冰雪奇缘 迪士尼经典儿童3D立体剧场故事书

Language: Simplified Chinese

Available at Taobao and JD.com.

Anna and Elsa Princess Books


Language: Simplified Chinese

Available at Taobao and JD.com.

Frozen Chinese



Language: Traditional Chinese

Available at books.com.tw.

Frozen Activity Books

It was easier for me to find activity books in English, and honestly it won’t matter too much the language for sticker books and colouring books. I simply use Chinese to to describe them, which the children doesn’t seem to mind (or notice)!

Frozen: Ultimate Colouring Book

Available from Book Depository.

DK Ultimate Sticker Book: Frozen

Available from Book Depository.

Colouring Sheets for Frozen

frozen colouring
Frozen Colouring Sheets from Super Colouring

Videos for Frozen Chinese album

Here are all the video sing-alongs for the songs in the Frozen Chinese album I could find on Youtube. 

Some of them have lyrics on the screen which is perfect for family karaoke time.

冻结的心 Frozen Heart

你想不想堆雪人 Do You Want to Build a Snowman

好久没在生命里 For the first time in forever

爱的门打开了 Love is an open door

随它吧 Let it go - 胡维纳 (Movie version)



随它吧 (中文版主题曲) - 姚贝娜 (China Single Version)

放開手-林芯儀 (Taiwanese Single Version)

Happy Singing-along!


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