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Welcome to Mandarin Homeschool, my personal blog where I share with you my top tips for teaching Mandarin Chinese.

I started this teaching journey in 2019 with my three children when they were aged 2, 4 and 5. We had just relocated to Sydney, Australia after spending 4 months in Singapore where I am from. My three children had managed to pick up a smattering of Chinese and I wanted to sustain that learning.

However, I faced a big challenge in terms of finding Chinese teaching materials for them. There were only a few Asian bookstores here and by golly they were expensive!

I then realised that there was a whole world of online resources available. And whatever I couldn’t find, I could create myself.

You see, I had spend 10 years of my working life as a special educator, coming up with lesson plans, making personalised teaching materials and teaching them to students with a wide range of needs, across all subject areas.

Hence, Mandarin Homeschool was created so that home educators, like you and me, around the world can teach their own children easily and effectively with my plans, resources and tips.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. And Good luck on your personal teaching journey.

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