Cute and Easy Paper Mooncakes you can make for Mid-Autumn

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Mid-Autumn 中秋节 will be upon us soon, and what better craft to make than these adorable paper mooncakes? 

Mooncake doesn’t just stand for the full moon, but more importantly, it symbolises reunion, completeness and togetherness. 团年,团圆. In the olden days (or even now in China), families would get together on this day for a reunion meal, not unlike Chinese New Year.  Eating mooncakes 吃月饼, watching the moon 赏月 and having a cup of Chinese tea 喝茶 are the top three things you must do for Mid-Autumn.

This is a super cute, super easy to do paper mooncake. Even my 3.5 year old was able to do most of it. My three children coloured their mooncakes to represent different flavours. Can you guess what they are?

paper mooncake

It’s a really easy craft, so we ended up making a couple each. There was a big bowl of mooncakes to decorate the house and play with.

Er Bao decided to set up a little mooncake stall and sell mooncakes to us!


mid autumn craft


mid autumn craft

1. Colour the front and back of the mooncake.

2. Colour the rectangle.

mid autumn craft

3. Cut out the mooncakes.

mid autumn craft

4. Cut along the dotted lines.

mid autumn craft

5. Fold the small rectangles down along the solid line.

mid autumn craft

6. Roll the rectangle into a cylinder shape.

7. Use double sided tape to tape the ends together.

mid autumn craft

8. Glue one side of the mooncake to the cylinder. Press down lightly (~30 seconds).

9. Align the next side on, and repeat step 8.

mid autumn craft

10. Yum!! All done! Your cute mid-autumn mooncake is ready for munching!

mid autumn craft
Da Bao colouring his lychee mooncake
mid autumn craft
Er Bao cutting her rainbow mooncake
mid autumn craft
Xiao Bao gluing her mooncake together

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.


May you and your family have a restful and lovely evening together.

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