How to teach children about Harmony

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teach children harmony

Every year in Australia, the week of the 21st March is Harmony Week. Harmony Week celebrates the multicultural diversity in this country, in line with United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination which falls on 21 March 2021. Apart from wearing orange, the official colour for Harmony Week which actually signifies respect, inclusion and harmony, what else can we do  to teach our children about harmony? 

Admittedly, race has become a bigger topic for me since marrying a Caucasian man, and having children of mixed heritage. I love that the children will grow up with two fabulous cultures, but I sometimes do worry if they will have problems with their sense of belonging. Thankfully, the community I live in here in Sydney is pretty diverse, with children of multicultural background: Australian, Aboriginal, Thai, Filipino, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, English, Eygptian etc. The children don’t feel out of place in school or out. 

Either way, I was very curious of what it all meant to my eldest. So I asked Da Bao what harmony is. He said it’s about peace. In a way I guess harmony is about peace, and getting along. IF only he will get along with his sisters! Anyway I have gathered some awesome reads in English and Chinese on this topic here for our family to read, and sharing it with yours too.

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English Books on diversity


Written and illustrated by Peter Spier

ISBN: 9780385131810

Available at Amazon.

A must have for the bookshelf if you are teaching about diversity. There are so many differences, however, there are also the same amount of similarities! An encyclopedic book at the diversity of people, from their physical appearances, to the food they eat, the clothes they wear, and so much more.

See below for listing of the translated Chinese version.

I’m Australian too

Written by Mem Fox. Illustrated by Ronojoy Gnosh.

ISBN: 9781742995786

Available at Amazon, Book Depository. (Worldwide)

Mem Fox is one of our favourite Australian children writers. Her books are filled with warmth and sweetness, while at the same time brings across some very important life messages. And in this particular picture book, we join children of different cultural backgrounds as they describe their family members, show us their heritage, and invite us into their daily lives in Australia.

We are all equal

Written by P. Crumble. Illustrated by Jonathan Bentley.

ISBN: 9780593202555

Available at Amazon, Book Depository. (Worldwide)

No matter who you are, where you come from, where you live, what you do, WE ARE ALL EQUAL. This powerful message is conveyed through the mirage of gentle and caring animals.

harmony diversity


Written by Niina Mani. Illustrated by Tony Flowers

ISBN: 9780642278876

Available at Amazon.

Hello! Do you know how to say Hello in another language? How would you like to learn 12 of different ways to say Hello with these Australian children of different cultural backgrounds. They will give you an intimate introduction to their culture, show you their traditional games, clothing and unique ways of celebrations.

My Two Blankets

Written by Irwna Kobald. Illustrated by Freya Blackwood.

ISBN : 9780544432284

Available at Amazon, Book Depository. 

My two blankets is a heartwarming tale of friendship, forged between two girls with diverse backgrounds. An endearing and sweet book, it is a gentle introduction to the loneliness and sense of loss one feels when they move and leave everything familiar and dear behind. This book is perfect for children who have recently immigrated.

This is How We Do It: One Day in the Lives of Seven Kids from around the World

Written and illustrated by Matt Lamothe

ISBN : 9781452150185

Available at Amazon, Book Depository

A comprehensive look into the cultures and customs of seven children from around the world. I particularly love the real life pictures of each culture included within the book. Primary aged children will like this for the trove of cultural information.

Welcome to our world: A celebration of children everywhere

Written by Moira Butterfield. Illustrated by Harriet Lynas.

ISBN : 9781788001373

Available at Amazon, Book Depository. (Worldwide)

As the title aptly puts it, this is a book that celebrates children everywhere, driving home the simple honest message that we are all different but also the same, no matter where we are. Furthermore, all children and cultures are to be celebrated, and appreciated.

Ten little fingers and ten little toes

Written by Mem Fox. Illustrated by Helen Oxenbury.

ISBN: 9780547366203

Available at Amazon, Book Depository

This one is for the babies. You’re never too young to learn about diversity! Babies are born in different parts of the world but you know what? They all have ten little fingers and ten little toes. An absolutely delightful rhyming book. 

Scroll down for the listing for the translated Chinese version.

Chinese Books on diversity

Equally important for us to learn about diversity and harmony, are books in Chinese. Here are our top picks. I have listed the ISBN according to the Chinese language available whenever I can. Luckily there are several options of Chinese bookstores locally, and overseas. You can find the full list here

teach children harmony

12个人一天的生活 A Day in the Life of 12 People

Author: 杉田比吕美

ISBN:9787533288761 (Simplified Chinese)

Available at Taobao

ISBN:9789577625809 (Traditional Chinese)

Available at

A superb book to teach perspective. We look at the lives of 12 people in one day, from their moment of waking to bedtime. What did they do? Who did they meet? 12 different people working 12 different jobs. How will their day go?

teach children harmony


ISBN: 9787541747908 (Simplified Chinese)

Available at Taobao.

A set of six 3D books about all kinds of things: 

  • All kinds of people 各种各样的人
  • All kinds of transport 各种各样的交通工具
  • All kinds of bodies 各种各样的身体
  • All kinds of fears 各种各样的害怕
  • All kinds of feelings 各种各样的感觉
  • All kinds of houses 各种各样的房屋

Definitely a great addition to your Chinese library, this set of books will increase your child’s knowledge about all kinds of different things. To learn about diversity especially, “All kinds of people“ is the perfect choice.

teach children harmony

家 Home

Author: 卡森·埃利斯(Carson Ellis)

ISBN:9787513319065 (Simplified Chinese)

Available at Taobao.

A New York Times bestseller, this lovely illustrated picture book depicts the different kinds of houses across the globe. A hill on the cliffside, a boat house, a house made out of a shoe? Journey with the author across the globe, not just to view the houses, but also to understand how these people live.

harmony diversity
teach children harmony

人 People

Author: 彼得·史比尔 Peter Spier

ISBN: 9787221115331 (Simplified Chinese)

Available at Taobao.

ISBN:9789863204534 (Traditional Chinese)

Available at

Our top pick for learning about diversity is this classic picture book 人 People by Peter Spier. Hence worthy of a second mention! As per the English listing above. Get it. Read it. Keep it for the future generations to read. 

harmony diversity
harmony diversity
harmony diversity
teach children harmony

蜡笔小黑 Little Black Crayon

Author: 中屋美和

ISBN:9787559619488 (Simplified Chinese)

Available at Taobao.

In this adorably illustrated picture book, a box of cute little chunky crayons are drawing and creating a lovely piece of artwork. Yellow is a joyful butterfly, red is the sweet tulip and green is the fresh leaf… Hang on, what about black? No one wants him to help with the picture and excludes him. In a fit of rage, Black ruins the artwork! This is a simple story about not excluding others, as well as the fact that everyone has his/her own unique quality.

teach children harmony


Written by  梅.福克斯

Illustrated by 海伦.奥克森伯里 

ISBN:9787550209848 (Simplified Chinese)

Available at Mandarin Readers (Australia), Taobao.

The translated Chinese version of Mem Fox’s Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes. Despite being in a different language, the simple rhymes still works. 

Lesson Plans to teach children about harmony

As a matter of fact, the Australian government has listed here concise lesson plans and resources on how to teach diversity to preschoolers and primary aged children. You can certainly adapt some of the teaching activities for your homeschool.

Below are some thoughtful questions to discuss with your children.

  • What is diversity? Thinking of people that you know, how are they different from you? On that same note, how are they similar to you?
  • What is harmony? What are some actions that can create harmony? What are some actions that can create conflict?
  • Traditional games from other countries. Learn a new game from a different country this week!
  • Diversity in food and cuisine. Think of some food that you like to eat. What are their origins? Try a new cuisine this week!
  • Greetings in different languages. Pick up one of the books on the recommended booklist. Learn a new language to say Hello this week!

Happy teaching my friends. And have a harmonious week ahead. 

For further reading

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