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chinese book review spot books

Book Title: Spot Book Series (Bilingual version) 小玻系列翻翻书

About the Book

Language: Simplified Chinese, English

ISBN: 978-7544826624

Spot, the slightly mischievous but 100% cute dog whose stories have endured the test of time and been translated into 65 different languages. I grew up reading Spot in its original English language growing up. So this set of 18 bilingual English Chinese book set was a real pleasant find.

I have read it with all three of my children and they enjoyed the simple stories and the lift the flap feature (very fun for little ones as they love the anticipation).

Each book is 22 pages long. They cover everyday preschooler themes such as going to school, having a sleepover, and arrival of a new baby sister. Full list of book titles are listed below. There are only one sentence on each page, and some short dialogues from the main characters.*If you own a Luka reading device, it can read the entire set of books. You can read more about it on Jojolearning.

chinese book review spot books
Sample pages

What I like about the book

You get to lift the flaps! This is easily the best part of the books. Apart from the very cute Spot of course. 

I also like the simple clear layout. There aren’t too many colours in the books, which can be quite distracting, compared to some of the Chinese picture books targeted at the same age group.

The Chinese translations are very accurate. The storyline is easy to follow for the little ones, and they can relate to Spot’s adventures in this series of Chinese books.

What I dislike about the book

Can I confess that I always found Helen the hippo odd-looking? Not sure if it is the bulging body or the weird light blue colour, but she is one funny looking hippo!

As a mother who is trying to raise my children to be honest and to do the right thing, I am not pleased with the storyline in one of the books in the series, “Spot visits his grandparents”. Spot plays football with grandpa and breaks one of the windows in the shed. They ran back home and lied to grandma that they haven’t been doing anything outside. Not a model parenting moment for grandpa!


Where to purchase

I recommend this book for readers aged 0-3. All my children loved reading this book series as children. The lift the flap features is nice for younger children. You can skip the problematic books in the series. 

As a Chinese picture book set, it does cover a lot of preschooler themes throughout the 18 books. 

I bought my set at the local bookstore in Singapore, Popular bookstore. You can purchase the entire series at Jojolearning, or Asianparent.

Happy Reading!

Book titles in the series

《小玻在哪里》Where Is Spot?

《小玻去农场》Spot Goes To The Farm

《小玻去公园》Spot Goes To The Park

《小玻去度假》Spot Goes On Holiday

《小玻给爸爸烤生日蛋糕》Spot Bakes A Cake

《小玻参加化妆舞会》Spot Goes To A Party

《小玻的小妹妹》Spot’s Baby Sister

《小玻去上学》Spot Goes To School

《小玻过生日》Spot’s Birthday Party

《小玻去散步》Spot’s First Walk

《小玻去看外公外婆》Spot Visits His Grandparents

《小玻去马戏团》Spot Goes To The Circus 

《小玻会数数了》Spot Can Count

《小玻在朋友家过夜》Spot Stays Overnight

《复活节的彩蛋在哪里?》Spot’s First Easter

《小玻的第一个圣诞节》Spot’s First Christmas

《谁在哪儿,小玻?》Who Is There, Spot?

《小玻说晚安》Spot Says Goodnight

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