Free bilingual Chinese English Flashcards

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chinese english flashcard shapes
Free Chinese English Flashcards - Shapes

Free Simplified Chinese English flashcards for shapes

Hello fellow Mandarin homeschoolers! How is your teaching going at home? My children and I have been using flashcards in our Mandarin home sessions. And I would like to share with you for free this set of Simplified Chinese and English flashcards for shapes.

I have designed all my flashcards Montessori style, as I really like the flexibility and the variety of teaching it affords.

These flashcards come in 6 awesome parts for teaching the picture label, Chinese character, English word, and pinyin. You can pick and choose the component you wish to teach your child.

Younger children may only be able to do simple picture to picture matching, while primary school age children can learn to read the Chinese character and the English word.

Happy Teaching!

If you find this set of Chinese English flashcards useful, do check out the flashcards for other themes on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. In addition, you can find some fabulous thematic vocabulary workbook and Chinese writing workbook on my store too. 

In the event that you have any special requests for teaching materials, or feedback on the products, do drop me a line and let me know!

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