8 beautiful Chinese songs to listen to for Mother’s Day

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Chinese mother day songs

Songs and nursery rhymes are a great way to bond. And in this case, a great way to bond with your children as you learn to sing along to some of them. 

I have handpicked 8 of the best Mandarin Chinese songs about Mothers here. They are all songs that you can listen to with your children for Mother’s Day. Some of which I remember fondly from my childhood days. Listening to the same song again, but as a mother, and not a child anymore was quite emotional for me. 

It’s only after I had my three children, that I really understand the sacrifices my mother made for me and my siblings growing up. My mother is the standard Chinese nagging mum who was diligently frugal and careful with money. She was hardworking, and would be up making us breakfast, then help out at the family business, go back home to cook lunch for us before we go home from school, before doing the same thing for dinner. It would be a good 14 hours of non-stop activity for her. I can see clearly now her unconditional love for us, even though she has never said I love you to me or my siblings. (Typical Non-PDA Chinese parent!) But I like to take this opportunity to say Thank You Mummy, and I love you very much.

1. 世上只有妈妈好/世上只有媽媽好

First up, we have the evergreen classic 世上只有妈妈好. If you only learn one Chinese song to sing on Mother’s Day, this is the one.

The version we liked best (not so cringe worthy) is from the 儿童新唱计划: 我们的儿歌画故事 The Nursery Rhymes Project, which is available to play on Spotify.

I have been teaching my children to sing it for my mum on Mother’s Day. Tears guaranteed.



Chinese mother day songs

You can download the lyrics here:

2. 妈妈宝贝 / 媽媽寶貝 by Kim Hsieh 谢欣芷

This is a very sweet duet between mother and daughter, great for learning to sing along with your children. The Chinese words 宝贝 means precious, and also baby. So Mummy will take care of her babies 宝贝 when they are young, and when Mummy gets older, her children will take care of her like our precious 宝贝.

3. 鲁冰花 by 曾淑勤

A classic Mother’s Day song since the 1980s. I clearly remember listening to this song on the radio growing up. It was a great song then, and it still is. This song speaks of the longing of a child for a mother’s love. 

4. 洗衣机 by Mayday 五月天

Taiwan’s answer to Weezer, Mayday is an awesome pop band who has done a cool modern song about Mum. In this case symbolised by the washing machine. Listen and give thanks to the ever-enduring, never complaining, non-flashy washing machine in your life. 

5. 听妈妈的话/聽媽媽的話 by Jay Chou 周杰伦/周杰倫

An olde but a goodie. Jay Chou’s  听妈妈的话 message is till true after so many years. Sang/Rap in his trademark style, it’s a poignant song, as he is an only child and his parents got divorced at the age of 14, leaving his mother to bring him up on her own. So kids, just listen to 周董,he knows the truth, and listen to your mummy 听妈妈的话!

6. 手印 by 溫嵐

I remember holding my first baby’s little hand in my hand when he was born. How tiny, how previous, how magical that a life was formed in me, and is now, holding my hand. This song reminds me of that moment.

7. 與世界相遇 Lim Tay Peng

A new release by Singaporean Trio, pianist-composer Peng Chi Sheng, singer Aaron Matthew Lim, and singer Tay Sia Yeun for Mother’s Day 2021. This is a beautiful, poetic song that will tug at your heartstrings. Thank you Mummy! 

Lyrics can be found here.

8. 母亲节快乐/母親節快樂 Happy Mother's Day by 榮忠豪 Stephen Rong

A simple straightforward song to all mothers in the world.

Happy Mother’s Day! 母亲节快乐!

Also, do check out our Free Mother’s Day Card printables here.

Have a lovely Sunday with your family. x

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