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Happy Thanksgiving! 感恩节快乐!

What are you thankful for this year? After 4 months of strict lockdown here in Sydney, I am just thankful that our family are all safe and healthy, and we can finally go out again. Ahhh… the smell of freedom.

I actually think we should do a “thanksgiving” every month, to reflect and give thanks for what we have. Some days I look at my three children and think of how privileged they are to have all that they have. Yet they demand more…

Having lived in America for 5 years, Thanksgiving brings back lots of warm, happy gatherings with friends. As well as Turkey, cranberry sauce, potatoes, pumpkin pie. 😋

Anyway, as a way of giving thanks to this beautiful Chinese learning community, I have a few Thanksgiving freebies.

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chinese thanksgiving
chinese thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Colour In Jigsaw

First up, this colouring Thanksgiving jigsaw activity which will work on your child’s 

  • Chinese vocabulary
  • Colouring skills
  • Cutting skills
  • Puzzle skills

There are 6 different versions you can download for free on the Mandarin Homeschool freebie page. Sign up to receive news of fun and free Chinese resources. 

Print these out on card stock or laminate for better durability.

*Top tip: if you are making more than 1 puzzle, put a sticker or colour each piece at the back BEFORE you cut it up.

chinese thanksgiving
Xiao Bao proudly displaying her completed jigsaw colouring
chinese thanksgiving
"Where does this piece go?"

Chinese Thanksgiving Flashcards

Do you know what cranberry is in Chinese? To be honest, I had no idea!! Thanks to Pleco and fellow Chinese friends, I now know that cranberry is 蔓越莓/蔓越橘 .

So my next Thanksgiving freebie are these beautiful Thanksgiving flashcards of the 12 most common words associated with the festival, so you know exactly what to say!

  1. Corn 玉米 (yù mǐ)
  2. Pumpkin 南瓜(nán guā)
  3. Cranberry pie 蔓越莓派 (màn yuè méi pài)
  4. Pilgrim 香客 (xiāng kè)
  5. Hat 帽子(mào zi)
  6. American Indian 印第安人 (yìn dì ān rén)
  7. Harvest 收成 (shōu chéng)
  8. Pumpkin pie 南瓜派 (nán guā pài)
  9. Mayflower 五月花号 (wǔ yuè huā hào)
  10. American football 橄榄球 (gǎn lǎn qiú)
  11. Turkey 火鸡 (huǒ jī)
  12. Maple leaf 枫叶 (fēng yè)

Download for free (till 28 November 2021) on the Mandarin Homeschool Teacherspayteachers Store

chinese thanksgiving
Chinese Thanksgiving Flashcards

Chinese Thanksgiving Vocabulary Workbook

And one more!! A learning activity pack that corresponds to the same Chinese vocabulary words learnt in the flashcards. You will find

  • Counting worksheets
  • Matching worksheets
  • Drawing worksheets
  • Sequencing worksheets
  • Word Maze worksheets
  • “What I am Thankful For” sheet
  • And more!!!

Download for free (till 28 November 2021) on the Mandarin Homeschool Teacherspayteachers store

Please consider leaving a review for me on Teacherspayteachers if you have found these teaching resources useful. Thank you!

If you have found the flashcards or learning pack useful, please share the link (not actual file) with others. 

And also do check out other thematic flashcards, vocabulary workbook and posters I have created on the Mandarin Homeschool Teacherspayteachers Store.

Thanksgiving Chinese Writing Worksheets

Lastly, for writing practise, download these writing worksheets for the 12 Chinese Thanksgiving vocabulary words which I generated for free on Chinese Worksheet Generator.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving. 希望你有个温馨,快乐的感恩节。

Thank you for reading and supporting Mandarin Homeschool the past year!

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