What you need to know to teach about Halloween in Chinese

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Boo! It’s that scary time of the year again to dress up and go trick or treat! My children love Halloween. Honestly, what’s not to love about it, you get to dress up and get into mischief, and get lots of candies!

This year, we probably won’t be doing the usual round the neighbourhood because of covid. Instead opting to meet a few friends at the park so the children can still get a chance to dress up and munch on some yummy goodies.

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We did get our Halloween decorations up as you can see, so we can still soak in the spooky atmosphere at home. I created this Chinese Halloween Banner, which you can download for free here in the Mandarin Homeschool freebie page. Just sign up to our members list and you can get the Halloween banner and more Chinese educational resources for FREE. 

And I got the kids to colour and cut out some bats to add extra spookiness to our display. You can download the bat template here.

So how do you say Happy Halloween in Chinese?

It’s 万圣节快乐!       

wàn shèng jié kuài lè!      


And Trick or Treat is


bù gěi táng, jiù dǎo dàn

Halloween games and activities

Xiao Bao getting the apples which were hung up

What’s Halloween without pranks, games and candies?

Here are some Halloween games you can play with your little ones.

Bobbing for apples

Version 1: Traditionally you fill a bucket full of water, and then put apples in it. Player has to bite the apple without using their hands, only their mouth.

Version 2: Hang apples up on a string, and the player has to bit the apple without using their hands, only their mouth.

Halloween Feel Box

What is it?!! Eek! A fun and scary sensory game. Players have to put their hands in to the box and guess what is inside. Hope it’s nothing too yuck, slimy or creepy!

Halloween Memory Game

The good old Memory Game. Print out 2 sets of these Halloween themed flashcards and get matching!

teach kids chinese halloween

Candy Cones Relay

Think egg on spoon, but instead of eggs, you put candies on the spoon. Players have to transfer candies from one bucket to the other one as quick as they can!

Halloween Pumpkin Hunting

Print out about 20 of these little pumpkins and hide them! See who can find the most. 

Halloween Worksheets

Sneak some educational learning for the children with these Chinese Halloween worksheets. There’s matching, picture maze, word maze, sequencing, what’s missing, cut and paste worksheets in this Chinese Halloween learning pack.

Halloween Mystery Treats

Get some paper cups, put little treats/toys in them. Cover it up with crepe paper. Tape the whole thing up in a spooky pumpkin shape and you have a fun activity for the little ones.

This one is always a big hit! 


We love playing board games as a family, and Sacry BINGO is one of our favourite. 

Hence, I made this fangtastic Chinese Halloween BINGO game to teach them Chinese vocabulary through play. Effortless teaching!

You will get:

  • 20 different BINGO playing boards
  • 30 cute BINGO picture cards
  • 1 main BINGO board
  • Halloween themed BINGO playing chips
  • BONUS: A handy Chinese Halloween Wordlist, in Chinese, pinyin and English you can use to help pronouncing the harder Chinese words or display at home as a mini learning poster. 

Choose from either Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese

Halloween Chinese Youtube Videos

In Australia, Halloween is getting more and more popular, but the scale of celebrations till par in comparison to USA and other European countries. And of course, it was next to impossible to find any Chinese Halloween resources. Luckily there is always Youtube. 

Here are some videos links to songs and stories for free on Youtube. Younger children will love the songs from the first four videos. 🎶

Watch the following Chinese videos to educate your children about the back story behind Halloween, its customs and reason for celebrating. 👻


Add Your Heading Text Here

If you have Netflix, Mama Baby Mandarin has a list of spooktecular shows for kids and adults. Generally, Netflix has Chinese audio and subtitle options for their shows. Woo Woo!!

We have watched Super Monsters, and True’s Tricky Treat Day and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Don’t forget to get this Chinese Halloween learning pack that you can download and print instantly! 

In this pack, you will get

1. 12 beautifully designed bilingual flashcards in English, Simplified Chinese and pinyin

2. Word Mat showing 12 Halloween related labels, in English, Simplified Chinese and pinyin. Perfect as a wall display.

3. Fun activity workbook (11 pages) of matching, picture maze, cut and paste, “what’s missing?”, “What’s next?”, and word maze

4. 🆓 Bonus Halloween colouring book

Easy Halloween Craft Ideas

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Make an adorable origami Halloween Bat to hang around the house. Origami activities are great for developing kids’ fine motor skills and concentration. Hence, I always try to sneak in origami craft time with my children. There’s also a cute Halloween origami Pumpkin version.

Kids can easily follow the video instructions to make this cute and easy spiral ghost. Boo! 

No time to prepare for arts and crafts this year? Well, luckily there are ready made packs you can purchase on Amazon, such as this monster sticker pack, or this mega Halloween sticker pack.

Halloween Cookies

What’s Halloween without pumpkins, candies and cookies?

Make and munch on some spooky Halloween Cookies with this Halloween Cookie Cutters

For other easy spooky recipes, Delish has 21 easy Halloween Recipes that you and your children can attempt together. How cute is the mummy hot dog. Totally doable as well!!

Children's Halloween Music

As Halloween is still not as widely celebrated in Chinese countries, there aren’t that many Halloween Chinese music albums for children. Thankfully Disney has a spookalicious English Halloween playlist which is quite enjoyable.

So far, I have only found two Chinese Halloween music album. Links to the albums are below.

If you have little children, you must have heard of this cute transformer type Robocars from Korea. They have a few children’s album in Chinese, and this one is all about Halloween!

You can get the album on Apple Music, or Spotify.


Halloween Chinese music

儿童万圣节歌曲 - 乐宝宝与朋友童谣

Babybum has songs for everything. So no spooky surprises here that they have an album of children nursery rhymes reworked as Halloween tunes.

You can listen to the album on Spotify

🎃 万圣节快乐!Have a Happy Halloween. Boo!!

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