Free Chinese Christmas Colouring Book – Learn new vocabulary through colouring

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Christmas will be upon us once again.  In my household, and I believe I speak for yours too when I say this, the children gets SOOOO excited about it. The Christmas tree is up, the wish list made up and the the excitement is palpable. I created this set of Chinese Christmas coloring book for my children to learn the Chinese labels of their favorite holiday. I hope your little ones enjoy coloring them in too!

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How can a simple colouring sheet  help to increase the children's Chinese vocabulary?

It’s relaxing, it’s stress-free, and it’s something they enjoy doing. All you are doing as the homeschooler is to facilitate the learning, by being there with them, and labelling the colours, the materials, and the pictures in Chinese!

Point to the Chinese characters on the worksheet, and have them read it out with you. 

If your child is in the writing stage, then by all means, get them to copy the Chinese characters. Because colouring doesn’t feel like “work”, they are more likely to comply.

There are two versions for download: Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese

Chinese Christmas game and learning pack

I play lots of Chinese games and create fun activities for my Mandarin homeschool, as my three children are all still young. Learning through play such as this Chinese Christmas BINGO set is something my children thoroughly enough.

The best part is they don’t even realise they are being taught new Chinese words!

In this set, you will get:

  • 30 cute BINGO playing picture cards
  • 1 main BINGO board
  • 30 different BINGO board
  • Snowflake BINGO chips (perfect for Christmas!)
  • A handy Chinese Christmas Wordlist, in Chinese, pinyin and English

Take a look at this gorgeous infographic of all 30 Chinese words in this pack.

I’m working on a Traditional Chinese version of the Christmas BINGO game at the moment.

Would it help if the Chinese characters came with pinyin or zhuyin?

Christmas Chinese Learning Pack

chinese christmas learning pack
Chinese Christmas Learning Pack

This Chinese Christmas learning pack has 24 flashcards, a 13 page fun activity workbook and a cute one-page word mat perfect for wall display.

It’s a great way to consolidate your child’s new Chinese vocabulary!

Here’s wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2022 here we come!

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