A Detailed Look at the Leapfrog Learning Friends English Chinese 100 Words Book

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leapfrog learning friends review

About the Leapfrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

In this electronic book, your toddler will learn 100+ Chinese and English vocabulary words with cute animal friends Turtle, Tiger and Monkey. Touch the pictures on each page to hear the Chinese word, English word, fun facts and silly sound effects.

There are 3 different modes: word mode, fun fact mode and fun sounds mode.

The pages are organised in 12 themes: pets, animals, food, mealtime, colours, activities, opposites, vehicles, clothes, my body and fruits. 

The Leapfrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book also comes with the Learning Activity Guide which includes 13 activities to help children connect the concepts and words learnt within the toy to their everyday life. The learning guide provide parents with simple teaching tips and suggestions for hands-on activities to make the most out of the book. 

You can switch between English and Chinese easily with the slide button. There are 2 fun songs included in the product: the Learning Friends theme song, and My Favourite Word song

Intended for children aged 18 months+. 

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leapfrog learning friends
Learn about animals with Monkey!
leapfrog learning friends
Learn colours with Turtle. What's your favourite colour?
leapfrog learning friends
What do we wear?
leapfrog learning friends
These are all such yummy fruits!

Video Insight of the Leapfrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

The Learning Activity Guide

Funnily, this learning guide is only available for this language version of the Leapfrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book. Bonus!

There are 13 activities that coincides with the themes in the book, and filled with plenty of honestly simple to follow teaching tips for parents. It is basically a lesson plan, with clear introduction of the lesson, duration of the task, materials required and learning objective. The materials are all readily available at home, which helps in planning. 

Activity 1 is sort of a no-brainer and you don’t have to complete it if you don’t want to, as it merely teaches your child how to use the book. (The learning objective is to practice turning book pages by using fingers). Activities 2 to 12 correspond to the 12 themes and actively support the teaching of both the Chinese and English vocabulary. 

There are also 44 cute stickers at the back of the learning guide which you can use to reward their learning. 

Chinese Language Option

Simplified Chinese

Other Language Options

For multilingual families, the Leapfrog Learning Friends English Chinese 100 Words Book is also available in 

In fact there are more than 1 electronic book available for Spanish language learners. I do wish they had more options in Chinese too!


Pretty good. Essentially, it’s the animals doing the talking, so it’s in a cutesy high pitched tone which should appeal to toddlers.

What we like about the Leapfrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

What I like most about Leapfrog electronic toys are that they are sturdy! Apart from the Leapfrog Learning Friends English Chinese 100 Words Book, over the years, I had purchased many Leapfrog toys for my children and as gifts, such as My Own Leaptop, Mr Pencil, and the Leap Readers. The leapfrog products  are simply well made and durable! Which is important for those chubby “destructive” toddler fingers. With this product, you can safely let your child explore and learn independently, and at their own pace. 

The images are colourful and bright, which makes it highly attractive for children to want to use it and learn (incidentally!)

My children enjoyed listening to the words in one language and switching to the next immediately to compare them. Essentially they are learning 200 labels, in both English and Chinese. 

Overall, it’s a great product for bilingual toddlers to learn 2 languages. I highly recommend it.👍

Where to purchase the Leapfrog Learning Friends English Chinese 100 Words Book

Available on Amazon.

I bought mine locally in Australia at Big W

You might like to read this additional review on Bilingual Kidspot about the Leapfrog Learning Friends English Chinese 100 Words Book, and see what others think about this cute bilingual learning tool. 

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