How to write a letter to Santa in Chinese

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It’s November, which means it’s time to get your letters to Santa written before Christmas is upon you.

We generally write letters to Santa in English, but this year, I found a couple of places that accepts Chinese letters and apparently will respond in Chinese too! I’m really curious what the reply will be.

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Santa letter Chinese

Where to send your Chinese letters to Santa

To send out and get a response in Chinese for your letters to Santa, you have two options:

  1. Canadian Post
  2. Taiwan Santa Claus

As a rule of thumb, send them out the first week of December! This year, Canadian Post has advised you send out your letters no later than 9 December 2022. 

This year, we will be mailing our letters out to Canadian Post.  In case you are interested in mailing letters to Santa in other languages, apparently Canadian Post will reply to letters in the language written. Full details are on their website. I love that the postal code is H0H 0H0!! 🎅🏼

Taiwan Santa Claus is another option. (However, there are a couple of hurdles in this option). This is a wonderful initiative by a Taiwanese lady Cathy Sun who wanted Taiwanese Chinese children to be able to mail out letters to Santa in Chinese. It’s a volunteer run organisation. If you would like to find out more about this lovely initiative, watch this news report from Taiwan Plus

You might have to come up with a very creative way of explaining why Chinese Santa lives in Taiwan and not the North Pole…. and in the video below, they did ask that you prepare a return envelope and postage.  If you have friends in Taiwan, maybe they can help to arrange the return postage? Anyhow, if you get around this hurdle, you will be rewarded with  a hand written response form Santa in the mail! I might send out one this year to try out. Come back next year to see what responses I got!

The following video explains the precise steps on how to write to Taiwan Santa Claus.

Letters to Santa in Chinese

Santa Claus is 圣诞老人/聖誕老人 in Chinese. That’s a lot of Chinese strokes in those 4 Chinese characters! I’m not sure my youngest 2 children will be able to write them, so  I created these Chinese letter to Santa templates.

There are 4 versions available:

  • Coloured version in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
  • Black and white version in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese

Just click on the images below to download the template.

Letters to Santa Chinese Template (Colour)

Santa letter Chinese
Letter to Santa Colour Version (Simplified Chinese)
Santa letter Chinese
Letter to Santa Colour Version (Traditional Chinese)

Letters to Santa Chinese Template (Black and White)

Santa letter Chinese
Letter to Santa Black and White Version (Simplified Chinese)
Santa letter Chinese
Letter to Santa Black and White Version (Traditional Chinese)

Want to know more about how to celebrate Christmas in Chinese?

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