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At Mandarin Homeschool, we use flashcards a lot to teach new Chinese vocabulary. It is quick to prepare, easy to understand and is a really versatile language teaching tool. For the Mid-Autumn Festival, I created this set of flashcards to teach my children the essential Chinese vocabulary words associated with the festival.

Mid Autumn Vocabulary

mid autumn flashcards
  1. Full Moon 满月
  2. Mooncake 月饼
  3. Tea 茶
  4. Lantern 灯笼
  5. Pomelo 柚子
  6. Autumn 秋天
  7. Chang E 嫦娥
  8. Reunion 团圆

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Why these 8 Chinese words?

Mid-autumn falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month every year. Hence the name mid-autumn 中秋,  as it falls in the middle 中 of autumn 秋. Autumn is 秋天.

Traditionally it is a time for family to gather 团圆, eat mooncakes 月饼 🥮 and pomelo 柚子, drink Chinese tea 茶 🍵 and admire the full moon 满月 🌕.

On this evening, children can stay up late to join in the festivities, play with lanterns 灯笼 🏮 and see if they can find Chang ‘E 嫦娥 in the moon!

The Legend of Chang ‘E

The most famous legend of the Mid-Autumn Festival is the legend of Chang ‘E. She was a wise and kind lady married to Hou Yi, a beloved hero who shot down the 9 suns tormenting Earth and people. Hou Yi was given a magic elixir which will make him immortal, as a reward for his heroic act. When a thief tried to steal the magic elixir, Chang ‘E ate the magic elixir and flew up to the moon. 

Here are two videos you can watch with your children to learn about the legend of Chang ‘E. The first is in Chinese, and the second in English.


Mid Autumn Festival Story (in English)

How to download the Mid-Autumn Festival flashcards

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