Learn new Chinese vocabulary through play with this cute Chinese Christmas BINGO

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Merry Christmas my friends! How are you this holiday season? This month, my children have been learning all about Christmas in Chinese, and this is a game that we have been playing: Chinese Christmas BINGO!

I created this super cute BINGO game as my children are all still young, and can only play simple matching games together. Both Da Bao and Er Bao can match and label the Chinese words on the drawing cards. Xiao Bao helps to repeat the Chinese Christmas labels and help mummy to put her counters on.

Now we know what Santa Claus, elf, present, gingerbread man and many more Christmas items are in Chinese! You can learn these 30 Chinese vocabulary words easily through play. How good is that?

Take a look at this gorgeous infographic of all 30 Chinese words in this pack.

In this set, you will get:

  • 30 cute BINGO playing picture cards
  • 1 main BINGO board
  • 30 different BINGO board
  • Snowflake BINGO chips (perfect for Christmas!)
  • A handy Chinese Christmas Wordlist, in Chinese, pinyin and English
Chinese Christmas BINGO
Chinese Christmas BINGO
Chinese Christmas BINGO
Christmas BINGO Board
Christmas BINGO playing chips

Happy playing, and happy learning my friends.

Learning a new language can be as easy as play!

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