18 Interactive and Fun Chinese Christmas Books you can read instantly now

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If you follow my blog, you know that reading is a huge deal for my kids. And this Christmas, no exception, we are reading up a storm on Chinese Christmas books. Sad to say though, we do not have any actual Chinese Christmas physical books. As this year, the shipping costs from China to Australia has tripled, and instead of getting Christmas books, I opted for other topics which I knew would be hard to get as e-books. Thankfully, one of my favourite Chinese e-book apps, Ellabook 咿啦看书 LINK has 18 fun and interactive books on the topic!!! Woohoo! I’m blowing my Christmas party blower right now. 

For readers who do not know what this incredible Chinese ebook app is, you can read my detailed review in this post: Ellabook – an amazing and interactive Chinese book app.

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Chinese Christmas Ebook Ellabook

There are plenty of Chinese books on the Ellabook app for the festive season. From the popular “No, David” series, to sweet little Madeline, to Chinese classic Snow Child 雪孩子. I’m sure even the most picky of readers will find something interesting in this wide selection. 

What makes these festive reads even more magical are the fantastic effects and delightful musical symphony within them. It’s dazzling to say the least, and absolutely enjoyable. 

Christmas Interactive Chinese Books on Ellabook


It’s Christmas Eve in beautiful Paris where little Madeline is busy nursing her poor friends and Miss Clavel who have all sadly caught the cold. Interestingly, a magical peddler appears and takes them all on a magical Christmas journey.


Babar is on a loving mission to find Father Christmas, the man in the red suit who gives out presents and gives joy to children all around the world. Can he successfully find Father Christmas and bring him back to Elephants’ country to fulfil the little ones’ wishes?


Oh, David! No, David! David is constantly getting into trouble, and Christmas isn’t going to make him better behaved, or is it? What if he gets on Santa’s naughty list?


Who is Father Christmas/Santa Claus? As our children get older, no doubt this question starts manifesting in their mind more and more. In this book, Lucy pens a letter to Santa every year. But this year, she is wondering “Could Mummy actually be Santa?”


Who is Santa? And how does one get to be Santa? In this story, a little boy lives in a little village in the North Pole, not far from where Santa Claus lives. He adores his Grandpa who is his best friend. One day, the Christmas elves come to his grandfather’s door with an urgent letter from Santa summoning him over. Turns out Santa is getting on age and would like to hand the reins over to Grandpa! The little boy gets mad, and sad. Grandpa won’t be there for him and him only now…

Winter Interactive Chinese Books on EllaBook


What is the perfect present? Dora is so excited about Christmas and the presents she will receive! She goes around the house, to see if she can find out what she will get from her family. As she finds each family member busily making Christmas presents for others, she comes to the realisation that the giving is the best present she can receive!


Dong Ji 冬吉 is a very special little Santa helper. His job is to collect the pleasant thoughts people have. These pleasant and beautiful thoughts are magically transformed into tiny snow clouds, which then comes down as the lovely snow on Christmas day. 


It’s the first day of snow. Xiao Mai and her dog wanders into the forest, as grandfather says that something magical always happens on the first day of snow. The noises she hears confirm that! She follows the sounds deeper and deeper into the forest and she finds something truly magical on this beautiful snowy day. 

Watch the video preview and you’ll understand why.

The music accompaniment to this book is stunningly magical and delightful. And shows clearly the reason why interactive books are so much more engaging and interesting for young (reluctant) Chinese readers.


It’s snowing and Mummy Rabbit has made a little snow child to keep Little Rabbit company. As Little Rabbit and Snow Child are joyfully playing in the snow, the Rabbit’s hut catches fire. The brave and kind Snow Child sacrifices himself to put out the fire, and disappears into the sky as a cloud. 


(The art style of this book is simple and bold, and highly typical of Chinese children’s book in the 1950s, 1960s. So kids may not necessarily take to it as readily. )


Papa Smurf is hurt, and the smurfs are off to find the special snow flower to heal him. As they search for the elusive snow flower, Smurfette accidentally falls off the mountain. Phew! Lucky for her, someone catches her. He’s big, white, and furry. Could he be a snow monster?!


An imaginative and sweet tale of a little girl who is taken to the Snow Kingdom by Little Snow Babies. She meets the Snow Queen and has an absolutely magical time.


Surprisingly this book has pinyin! Which is very unusual in the EllaBook app, and probably the first that I have found in the app. The storyline is similar to the classic Snow Child  雪孩子.


A short and simple toddler first read of what happens when it snows. The style and narration is very similar to Spot books.


Ever wondered what happens to snowmen in summer? This cute little tale follows the short but meaningful life of the little snowman as he goes from winter to summer.


The snow is falling relentlessly and the diligent snow plow tirelessly plows through the thick snow day after day. One particularly snowy day, he hears a faint cry for help. Who could it be?


Little Polar Bear has a little secret that he is keeping from Mummy Polar Bear. As he works on it throughout the day, the secret is getting bigger and bigger. Finally, he can’t keep the secret any longer and has to show it to Mummy Polar Bear. What a lovely surprise it turned out to be!

Chinese Christmas Ebook Ellabook


A classic tale of love, and loss on what should be a night of celebration. I remember reading this story as a little girl, and feeling immensely sad and affected. So while this isn’t your typical heartwarming Christmas story, it does have an important message to share with young children.

This book also has pinyin! Looks like Ellabook is slowly adding more books with pinyin in its collection.


It’s snowing and little Fox Bobby is super duper excited to play in that thick winter wonderland. Can he coax his friends to come along and play with him?

About the Ellabook App

The Ellabook 咿啦看书 app is free to download on Apple App Store, and Google Play.

The best price you can get for incredible interactive Chinese ebook app is on the JoJo Learning (developer site), which is where we got our subscription from, and not on the Apple App Store or Google Play. It’s USD$61.99 for a year. That’s USD$8 off the annual price!! That’s basically $0.17 per book.

The full instructions on how to redeem the special price is on the JoJo Learning site

(On the Apple App Store, it’s priced at USD$6.99/AUD$11.49 monthly, and USD$69.99/AUD114.99 for an annual subscription.)

Happy Festive Reading!

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