Easily Learn These 30 Christmas Related Chinese Vocabulary Words with this Beautiful Infographic

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Merry Christmas! 圣诞快乐/聖誕快樂!

How are you spending this wonderful holiday? Festivals are one of the best time for us to learn new vocabulary in Mandarin Homeschool, as the Chinese words are related. And there’s something about Christmas that puts you in a jolly good mood. Don’t you think? 

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Key Chinese Christmas Words

Christmas is 圣诞/聖誕, so when you greet someone “Merry Christmas” you say 圣诞快乐/聖誕快樂 meaning Happy Christmas.

Santa Claus/Father Christmas is known as 圣诞老人/聖誕老人, which literally means Christmas Old Man. As for Mrs Claus, 圣诞老太太/聖誕老太太  means Mrs Christmas or Christmas Old Lady.

The diligent elves are 圣诞精灵/聖誕精靈.(Remember there are no singular/plural in Chinese).

The beautiful Christmas tree is 圣诞树 /聖誕樹 . The stocking is 圣诞袜/聖誕襪. And so on. I think you get the idea? Just put 圣诞/聖誕 before a noun and it becomes Christmas related!

Another key term to note is snow . Christmas is great, but a White Christmas is the best kind of Christmas. Beautiful white flakes falling from the sky gently, and ever so softly…until at last the whole place is a winter wonderland.

Snowflakes are 雪花, meaning snow flower. The sled is 雪橇, a snow sled. And a snowman is 雪人. Fairly straightforward, isn’t it?

And for all other jolly Christmas terms, I have listed them all down here to help you learn them all!

Christmas Chinese Vocabulary Words

  1. North Pole 北极/北極 běi jí 
  2. Fireplace 壁炉/壁爐 bì lú 
  3. Cake 蛋糕 dàn gāo
  4. Light 灯/燈 dēng 
  5. Holly 冬青 dōng qīng
  6. Ribbon 蝴蝶结/蝴蝶結 hú dié jié 
  7. Nutcracker 胡桃夹子 hú táo jiá zi
  8. Wreath 花圈 huā quān
  9. Gingerbread man 姜饼人/薑餅人 jiāng bǐng rén 
  10. Present 礼物/禮物 lǐ wù 
  11. Bells 铃儿/鈴兒 líng er 
  12. Sweater 毛衣 máo yī
  13. Elf 圣诞精灵/聖誕精靈 shèng dàn jīng líng 
  14. Santa Claus 圣诞老人/聖誕老人 shèng dàn lǎo rén 
  15. Mrs Claus 圣诞老太太/聖誕老太太 shèng dàn lǎo tài tài 
  16. Christmas Tree 圣诞树 /聖誕樹 shèng dàn shù 
  17. Stocking 圣诞袜/聖誕襪 shèng dàn wà 
  18. Mitten 手套 shǒu tào
  19. Teddy Bear 泰迪熊 tài dí xióng
  20. Candy 糖果 táng guǒ
  21. Angel 天使 tiān shǐ
  22. Star 星星 xīng xīng
  23. Snowflakes 雪花 xuě huā
  24. Sled 雪橇 xuě qiāo
  25. Snowman 雪人 xuě rén
  26. Reindeer 驯鹿/馴鹿 xùn lù 
  27. Doll 洋娃娃 yáng wá wá
  28. Mail 邮件/郵件 yóu jiàn 
  29. Ornament 装饰/裝飾 zhuāng shì 
  30. Workshop 作坊 zuò fāng

Ho Ho Ho! Have a jolly happy Christmas and wishing you a Happy New Year, my friend. 

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